2016-17 Key Dates


  • September 5th: School Closed for Labor Day
  • September 6th: Back to School Night for ALL classes: Nursery, Pre-K & Kinder – Adults Only!
  • September 7th: Orientation for all classes – Parent and child
  • September 8th: First Day of School for T/Th & 5 Day Nursery, Pre-K, & Kindergarten
  • September 9th: First Day of School for MWF Nursery
  • September 12th: Extended Care Begins (includes both Morning Play & Picnic)
  • September 13th & 14th: Enrollment begins for Fall After School Classes
  • September 21st: Last Day to enroll in Fall After School Classes
  • September 23rd : Pre-K High Touch High Tech Science
  • September 26th : Fall After School Classes Begin


  • October 4th & 5th : Fun & Discovery with Bubbles
  • October 6th & 7th: Chapel begins
  • October 11th: Parent & Me Education Class 1st Semester Registration
  • October 12th: Kindergarten and Beyond Coffee
  • October 17th & 18th: School Picture Day
  • October 20th: Great California Shake Out: State Wide Earthquake Drill
  • October 24th – 31st: Pumpkin Patch
  • October 28th: Pre-K and Kindergarten Parent/Teacher conferences


  • November 11th: School Closed for Veterans Day
  • November 21st -27th: School Closed for Thanksgiving
  • November 29th: Book Fair Begins


  • December 2nd: Last Day of Book Fair
  • December 5th -16th: Adopt a Family Program
  • December 19th – 22nd : No After School Classes
  • December 21st & 22nd : Christmas Programs
  • December 23rd -January 6th: School Closed for Christmas Break


  • January 9th: School Resumes for MWF & 5 Day Nursery, Pre-K, Kindergarten
  • January 10th: School Resumes for T/Th Nursery
  • January 16th: School Closed for Martin Luther King Day
  • January 16th-20th: Last Week of Fall After School Classes
  • January 18th & 19th: Spring After School Class Sign-ups
  • January 20th: Snow Day
  • January 26th: Last Day to Enroll in Spring After School Classes
  • January 26th & 27th: Nursery Parent/Teacher conferences
  • January 30th: Spring After School Classes Begin


  • February 1st & 2nd: Special Friends Breakfast
  • February 10th: Pre-K & K High Tech High Touch Science
  • February 10th: Safely Ever After Parent Education
  • February 17th & 20th: School Closed for President’s Day
  • February 28th: Parent & Me Education: 2nd Semester Registration


  • March: Parent Social TBA
  • March 2nd & 3rd: History Through Music
  • March 10th: Pre-K & K Safely Ever After Kidz Power
  • March 17th: School Closed for Teacher In Service
  • March 20th & 21st: Animal Guys
  • March 24th: Pre-K & K High Tech High Touch Science


  • April 10th – 14th : No After School Classes
  • April 14th: Good Friday – School Closed
  • April 17th – 21st: Easter break
  • April 25th: Bugs with Mr. Roach TTH Nursery & Owls
  • April 26th: Bugs with Mr. Roach MWF Nursery & Kangaroos


  • May 4th & 5th: Trike-a-Thon
  • May 7th: Day School Sunday & Open House
  • May 8th: School Closed
  • May 8th- 12th: Last Week of Spring After School Classes
  • May 15th – 19th: Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 24th & 25th: Captain Karl
  • May 26th: School Closed Teacher in Service
  • May 29th: School Closed Memorial Day


  • June 8th: Last Day of School: T/Th, 5 Day Nursery Owls & Pre-K
  • June 9th: Last Day of School MWF, 5 Day Nursery Kangaroos & Kindergarten
  • June 19th – July 20th: Summer School