Special Events & Field Trips

Monthly Special Events:

  • “I liked the Bubble Guys and the Animal Guys and I loved Snow Day, and making new friends… and that’s all.”

The children at St James’ enjoy a wide range of special events through the generosity of the Parents’ Association.  This year, the children will enjoy these enriching programs: Fun & Discovery with Bubbles, Mad Science, Super Critters, Snow Day,  History through Music, Mr. Roach, Captain Karl and the Reptile Family.

Field Trips:

Beginning in the 3-Day Nursery class, the children walk to the library, the post office, and the fire station.  In addition, different classes participate in some of these great trips: the Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park, the Glendale Center Theatre, and more.

See our calendar for upcoming dates for special events and field trips.